Hello There

I'm Terence.
I'm a Data Scientist, Writer,
& Founder of ShinTwin.


Me in a Nutshell.

I'm currently pursuing a Master of Science in Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology in hopes to broaden my arsenal of analytical skills as a data scientist so that I can tackle larger and more complex problems. I've also obtained my Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University. Learning about finance, marketing, and economics allowed me to develop an understanding of how the world works.

In my spare time, I like to learn - I've completed several data science projects and I'm completing a Deep Learning specialization. I also enjoy all kinds of physical activities, especially team sports. I have an interest in social psychology and personality traits. I enjoy all kinds of EDM music and have created several EDM mixes on YouTube! And lastly, as a Christian, I'm constantly on a spiritual journey.


See My Latest Projects.

A collection of my past predictive models,
exploratory data analyses (EDA), and data visualizations.

Comparing several classification techniques to determine whether a wine is good quality (7/10 or higher) or not. Achieved accuracy of 92%.

Investigating a Drop in User Engagement

SQL Case Study


This project is related to a common real-life problem that many businesses face — marketing attribution. This is the science of determining how much each marketing channel is contributing to sales/conversions. The difficulty typically arises when you introduce offline marketing channels, like TV or radio, because there’s no direct way of measuring the impact of these channels.

I found a new dataset called the ‘Novel Corona Virus 2019 Dataset,’ and because there was so much interest in my previous article, 9 fascinating Novel Coronavirus statistics and data visualizations, I thought I would create some data visualizations using Plotly!

For my first algorithm, I wanted to create something that I thought would be relevant later in my life. I decided to use a “Used Car Dataset” from Kaggle, which has over 600,000 used car listings.

To demonstrate how to build a regression model in Python, I used the ‘Life Expectancy (WHO) dataset on Kaggle here. My goal was to create a model that could predict the average life expectancy of a person in a given country on a given year based on a number of variables. Keep in mind that this is a very basic model.


My Latest Articles

14 Data Science Projects to do During Your Quarantine

First of all, I wanted to give a huge shout out to all of the nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, and anyone else that’s putting their lives at risk to serve their communities. Let’s not take this for granted. Take this time in isolation to learn new skills, read books, and improve yourself. For those interested in data science, I’m providing a list of fourteen data science projects that you can do during your spare time!


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